Let Us Never Forget The Grey Jinjo Family

from by Unicorn Hole

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move over burger king, there's a new bk in town
banjo kazooie kicks your ass, so surrender that crown
the game is old, i know, so here's why you should care
first of all- holy shit! banjo is a goddamn bear!
and there's the bird, ass kicking with her beak slashings
and tearing enemies new ones with her snarky tongue lashings
shitting eggs and running hella fast, while banjo sits on his ass
what's that? you don't think it's fair? may i remind you HE'S A GODDAMN BEAR!

that fat witch bitch needs tooty, to fix that nasty booty
but she will fall at the claws, of banjo fuckin kazooie

despite the game being rated E, it may scar some kids mentally
a cross dressing gorilla, termites as big as you
mecha jabu jabu lives in a broth of his own poo
and it seems vaguely racist, at least to me
that the black jinjos are the biggest family
but if anything will drive you to insanity
it's the futile pursuit of that goddamn ice key
the stop and swap was awesome! but if you ask some jerk
he'll bring up it's only flaw- the fact that it didn't work
rare was like "we can't do that? aww that is hella gay!
nah, this idea is too cool, put it in there anyway!"

"what's so great about banjo kazooie you ask, huh!?
well i'm just not even sure i can put it into words
but i sure as hell can try
ever just looked across a misty shoreline?
gazed over beyond the horizon and said to yourself
'what if?' ..there you go" -JonTron

what other game lets you play as a washing machine?
to help a bunny get his shit-stained uniform clean?
and does that really say "salty seamen surprise!?"
oh yeah, that's really subtle there guys





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