Tumbleweed And Testosterone Theme

from by Unicorn Hole

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my name blows in with the wind with a message to send
it's a blend of "you sinned" and of "i ain't your friend"
again i tend to grin but i've got lead to lend
i'll bend your mind so you'll find nothing but your end
i walk through the gate and they know it's too late so they
say what they've gotta say and pray if they're gonna pray
cause today's the last of their days- turning fast into prey
drop a blast into their face and plop their ass into a grave
the fastest draw in the world and i never miss
i stopped a fly from flyin by with a single drop of piss
that fly was zippin when i saw him, my fly was zipped
but now he's six inches under a rock that reads RIP

that douchebag billy ain't got half as many kills
and i'd shoot the moss right off of that old man mild bill
tombstone and deadword are too tame for me no doubt
hell sounds pretty fun, but i'm too damn good to find out

i'm a sick shot, i got six shots and believe it or not
i hit the hot spot a lot like a robot
i zero in with a hero's zen and then bull's eye here we go again
there's a bounty on your name and i'm down to play the game
i'll turn your fame to shame and gain more acclaim at the same time
and you are to blame, i'm just moving down the list
tonight death blows you a kiss
a man once turned his back on him, i had to put him in his place
but if i shot him in the back, well it would be a disgrace
i fired six o' clock, he said "you suck! wrong way!"
i wrapped that bullet round the earth and shot that joker in the face

i draw so fast that i once made an etch-a-sketch explode
i got too hot i shot the sun and then it snowed
i wear a snake skin belt, but i keep the snake alive
without a belt my pants fall down and i make the horses cry





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