Today? More Like "Too Gay" Am I Right?

from by Unicorn Hole

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if my cars get dirty, i throw em away
if my hos get dirty, i give em a raise
cars may not stay and hos fade with age
but i still got cash all day every day
been shot four times but it's no big deal
been to jail more times cause i keep it real
i'll kill i will won't chill don't feel
like it motherfucker i'm a gangsta still
but i wasn't always this gangsta..
i remember the days before we grew to be so old
play tag, play some video games, fuck yeah let's dig some holes!
hours in cabinets and clothes baskets playing hide and seek
PBJs and ramen noodles were the only things we'd eat
my calculater watch tells me that it's 3:59
drop whatever you're doing cause it's almost time
run as hard as you can, oh shit we gotta see
today's episode of dragon ball z
when we were little kids there wasn't such a thing as danger
we knew if shit got real that we'd be saved by the power rangers
and we only knew one kind of drama:
"holy shit! who turned the floor into lava?"
no i won't mention the pink ranger's boobies
back then all we could gain from girls was cooties
i swear we watched some funny shit on the tv
if you know who loves orange soda, than you know what i mean
but kids these days live inside of their phones
and most twelve year olds have kids of their own
we're the product of nintendo 64s
they're the product of shit like jersey shores
and now we're old as fuck, and being old really sucks
except the freedom, driving, money, and having sex too
nevermind kids are gay, so being old is what we'll do





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