The Return Of The Revenge Of Unicorn Hole (The Sequel)

from by Unicorn Hole

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i have given less love to my fans
than a chinese girl gets from her dad
but i swear on her shallow grave
that it won't happen again
that's right i'm back, i know you've heard it before
along with jokes about how your mom is a whore
but i'm serious, this time i mean it
she's as easy as taking candy from a baby quadripilegic
i'm like the terminator
without the swollen muscles and the shrunken sack
when i'm gone you can rest assured, I'LL BE BACK

just like the repressed memories
of that one time with your uncle steve
when you least expect me, there i'll be
the source of your suffering
and i know i've been gone for way too long
but i'm a little bit north of an asscrack
i am the only safe man at the gay parade
what i'm trying to say is i'm back

uhole was born in 2007
over the years it died and went to heaven
now all my time is spent doing boring adult things
a car to bring a job, a job to bring the bling
cause i'm a grown ass man with my own house and shit
if i want to run around screaming naked i can do it
like i said, adult stuff
i've been GONEarrhea, but i've become herpes
i've been syphilLOST but now you can't get rid of me
so i'll just keep pumping out
song with stupid lyrics about
how stupid my lyrics are
but this is metal and metal is par
alright, so to recap i'm back and i still rock
and there's really nothing more
no wait, just one last thing- your mom's a whore





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