The Best Part Of The Cd - The Part Where It Stops Happening

from by Unicorn Hole

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what the fuck is up? how you doing tonight?
are you ready to throw the fuck down? come on, i can't hear you!
i wanna see you tear this fuckin place apart! here we go!
well it's been a fun ride, i'm glad you joined me
but all good things come to an end and apparently, so does this cd
but dry your eyes, there is no need to cry
like bad fast food i'll be back for round two
and there will be blood, nothing can save you
i will return- that's a promise and a threat
but knowing me if i were you i wouldn't hold my breath
break this shit down!
all my attacks seems to have a shitload of ending lag
but i can't quit, cause i already wiped my ass with the white flag
but anyway, there's something that i'd like to say
if you'll allow me for a moment to be a little gay
as you read slash hear slash sing these words and you truly enjoy that shit
it means more to me than you know, and my junk twitches a little bit
i will return! that is a promise and a threat
your crotch will burn! our time you will never forget





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