Some Shit I Better Talk While I Still Can

from by Unicorn Hole

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let's talk about the walking dead
jowls sag down from their heads
angry, slow, and unclean
and it's old people we mean
wake at 4AM and skip the shower
drive a solid 25 mph
still manage to hit a few cars
but who cares cause bingo's about to start!
bingo, where old folks play
bingo, home of the gray
grampimps get funky with grannies
cause they got ten times the crannies
by noon bingo is dead
that's fine, it's time for bed
mostly already dead
we're all infected, science serves only to delay
none unaffected, one day we'll all be grays
we're all infected, and it comes much to my dismay
none unaffected, one day we'll all be grays
we're all infected, kill yourself before it's too late
none unaffected, kill yourself before it's too late
sunday, scrape off the crust
go to church, check on jesus
other days they mix up the mix, just stay home and watch their soaps
the neighbor wanted a nap, but today there is no hope
brave some stairs if you're feeling tough
oops you've fallen and you can't get up
just a broken hip, so worth it
lunch at the cracker barrel, hard candy for dessert
dressed in their nicest pants that eat almost all of their shirt
or maybe just sit and stare at the phone as they grow numb
waiting for a call from their grandkids that will never come
they've forgotten about you, but you forgot their names too
"what if your grandparents hear all of your awful words?"
that isn't possible; i'm not releasing any vinyl records
"but what if they find these lyrics and they read them all?"
that isn't possible; this text is way too small
"but what if someone tells them the things that you had to say?"
well that just won't matter at all, cause they'll forget anyway





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