It's Time We Face​(​book​)​ed The Truth

from by Unicorn Hole

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hello welcome to facebook, where you can stalk, poke, and like
hope you weren't planning to do anything else with your life
because you're stuck, you've become one of us
give in, add all your friends, where is the harm?
upload half naked pictures, plant your own farm
ashley posted that she likes mike, and she means like-like
so now you can all like like that she likes- like like-likes mike
you've got to make sure that you add each one of your close friends
in other words every human being that you've ever made eye contact with
god forbid you miss that picture of your uncle's cat
oh look some greenday lyrics, aren't you glad that you saw that?
facebook is 4chan's trashcan, where old jokes go to die
you're thinking "cool story bro" i'm thinking "can i rhyme die with die?"
"share my facebook post FOR jesus, if you don't you'll burn in hell!"
that's right, it's a brand new commandment
add eternal pain to your interests, you may as well
you'll notice the strange trend that all your friends are dating hackers
if your girlfriend pulls that shit might i recommend you smack her?
you just got a new girlfriend? you feel that special tingle?
calm down, it's not official cause her page still says she's single
if she forgot her password then single she will stay
i'm sorry you're in love but facebook's the authority
and if you stay logged on, even when you're gone
somehow, some way, something will turn you gay
maybe this site isn't right for you, you've decided that you are through
you're ready to leave behind this fad? well that's just too fucking bad
cause you can't delete a facebook profile
cause they know you'll come crawling back
to them you're a filthy hobo fiendin for some crack
also your crops will die!





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