I Got 718 Problems But Your Mom Ain't One

from by Unicorn Hole

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so you think that the first generation
of pokemon are cool, but that's it?
sorry but i gotta say, that's just some tauros shit
pokemon is still the tits, maybe you just can't handle it
the games are as cool as shorts and they're comfy and easy to wear
they taught us how to love when we were only eight
they taught us murder, remember gary's raticate?
your mom-
requires a pokeflute to wake up every morning
has a heavy ball modifier of plus forty
ohhh, no he just ditten
this bitch be critical hittin
you had the only mew on the playground, you were the boss of middle school
but after that if you had pokemon at all you just weren't cool

how could you turn your back on the best friends you had?
they would take a bubble beam for you, they are true comrades
if hating on pokemon is your goal
then YOU SUCK says rapidash/keldeo hole
harder than giga drain
you're so lame that it's insane
you blow my mind but you don't care
like a diglet sitting in a chair

"but every game is the same, played one you've played them all"
now remind me how you defend your precious football
but let's get back to your mom, yes let's discuss that ho
she bones more random things than the sluttiest of dittos
more trashy than garbodor, her cloyster dwarfs exploud's gap
she needs a hefty serving of double (pimp) slap
more people get lost in her vagina than in mount moon
no escape rope can save you, should have brought a harpoon
the thought of sex with her turns a thick club right into a nub
it isn't even possible without a PP-Up
ohhhhhhh shit son
you're gonna need a burn heal for that one!





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