I Can Has Shitty Midi Bout Little Kitty Kitties Now?

from by Unicorn Hole

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if you're on the intenet, but you're not there to fap
then it's obvious that you are looking for some fuckin cats
you won't have to look for long
there are more cats than tits or dongs
there's honestly too many
so let's add more in the form of song
what other animal shits in a box
like it's some kind of gift?
and they sure do give a lot..
but what do you expect? that cat food looks like hell
it looks almost as nasty as the beef from taco bell
it's why they poke their buttholes up so we can see them well
maybe that pink asterisk is really a cry for help
and maybe all the dead mice and birds
are supposed to be a threat, we better fix those turds
to make it up to kitty you buy him an expensive toy
he plays with the box instead so he can keep you annoyed
cause cats are secretly evil, they want humans to choke
it's why every villain has one in his lap to stroke
and kittens- are awesome- but where the- hell do they come from?
do cats e- ven have dicks- what the shit?
i don't want to think about it
when kitty wanders off at night, you rest easy knowing he'll be alright
but if you knew the truth you'd flip, he's off getting fucked up on cat nip
(in case you're wondering why i didn't use a pussy pun
it's cause that joke fucking sucks and it's been overdone)
all you cool cats out there, this one's for you
we gone break it down, you just do what you do
kitty cats! cuddly as fuck!
cute wuddly balls of fluff!
cats! cuddly as fuck
you see the milk so you lap it up





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