Boys Play No Scope, Men Play No Warp Pipes

from by Unicorn Hole

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let's start with the SNES!
a giant turtle took your not-quite-wife
so you take his and his baby's lives
wear raccoon skin so that you can fly
now ride a dinosaur, this dude's got to be high
whip medusa in her floppy tits
that severed horse head just don't give a shit
whip that skeleton's bony dick
eat some meat you found under a brick
this one's about pounding beavers if you know what i mean
smashing large rodents with overgrown front teeth
your girlfriend looks like a hooker, but you won't get a peek
but if you time it right she'll blow a kiss to your butt cheek
there's a fighting game with a panther lady with banana tits
and a futuristic racing game where you can choose from almost five whole ships

retro gaming is so surreal
brings back all those childhood feels
just give the cartridge one good blow
and you're ready to go

and the N64!
this game's about taking pictures of cute little creatures
which is almost as fun as the peg-them-in-the-face feature
you could slowly progress to the end but that's kinda lame
just get a shot a jynx flashing you to instantly win the game
all 120 days of the year, you'll find me workin my hoes
i've got a stable full of chicks, and they're lined up in rows
all the girls want me, but i could never last all night
cause time doesn't pass whenever i'm inside
and there's the wise cracking gecko stuck inside the tv
and no i don't mean the one saving you insurance money
turtle stole the mustache's girl once again
but this time the action is paper-thin
just ball his ass up, or even better
drop that bitch into a paper shredder
with devious nanner placement i'll give you hell
the only thing i've got to worry about are blue shells
and if you don't like karting.. we could always just party
in this game strategy takes a back seat to luck
yet still makes all your friends competitive as fuck
the party's over and everyone's trashed
a fight breaks out, everybody's gettin smashed
a gorilla gets raped by a cute, pink balloon
then she finds god's hand and she murders it too





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